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    Classic European Facial  85
    Specialty Facial  110
    ECHO2  125
    Acne Facial  95
    Glo ‘n’ Go Mini Facial  70
    Back Facial  80

Facial Treatments

    Microdermabrasion  100
    DeluxMicrodermabrasion with Glycolic Acid  130
    Glycolic Resurfacing  70
    Add-on Revitalight  40

Facial Combos

    Facial with Glycolic Acid  110
    Microdermabrasion with Revitalight  150
    Facial with Microdermabrasion  125
    Facial with Revitalight  125
    Facial with Microdermabrasion and Oxygen  200


Classic European Facial

This comprehensive facial treatment combines thorough cleansing, custom targeted treatments and blissful relaxation to leave you looking and feeling amazing!  Your skin is analyzed by your esthetician and your skin concerns are addressed with a selection of professional products.  After steaming and extractions (if needed) you are treated to a soothing mask and finished with appropriate moisturizers and sunscreen (of course!).  Your esthetician can also advise you on the home-care products that will help you maintain your pretty glow!

Acne Facial

Thorough cleansing, steaming and deep extractions as well as soothing treatments will help to clear your skin.  Acne responds well to treatments performed on a regular basis, as well as carefully chosen home-care treatments.  Your esthetician will create a treatment plan to bring out your naturally beautiful skin.


This classic treatment softens fine lines, exfoliates thoroughly and helps treat acne scars, rough texture, visible pores and sun damage.

Delux Microdermabrasion:  added glycolic acid creates an even deeper exfoliation.

Revitalight Treatment

High-intensity LED light can stimulate healing, collagen production and treat hyperpigmentation.  The Blue Revitalight soothes inflammation and kills bacteria, making it a perfect treatment for acne-prone skin.  The Revitalight Treatment can be used as a stand-alone treatment, or as a highly effective add-on to our other facial treatments.  When used as a stand-alone treatment, we recommend 6-10 weekly sessions to achieve dramatic results.


This oxygen facial delivers on so many levels!  The “E” stands for exfoliation – 2 advanced enzyme exfoliation steps remove dead skin cells, smoothing and brightening your complexion.  “C” Cleanse is a thorough deep cleansing step without steam or extractions.  “H” Hydration is a soothing, blissful facial massage with exclusive vitamin and mineral drops.  And “02” is the magical oxygen treatment that delivers the vitamins and hydration deeply into the epidermis, leaving your skin firm, refreshed and glowing!  This treatment is a celebrity favorite, as it can be performed the day of your Special Event since it leaves your skin beautiful with no redness at all.  Please refrain from applying cosmetics for 45 minutes following your treatment.

Facial Combos

Many of these treatments can be combined to address your specific needs.  We consider these combos to be advanced treatments, so we will ensure that your skin is properly prepared with preliminary treatments and home-care products before proceeding.  Your esthetician will consult with you and advise if combo treatments are right for yours skin.