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Leading Los Angeles in Lash Extensions since 2004.  Recently Featured on How You Glow for best Lashes in LA.  Come see what all the buzz is about!


Beba Beauty has been offering lash extensions since 2004.  Beba’s lash technicians have not only received advanced instruction and certification from many of the leading lash extension companies, they have received continuing education designed specifically for Beba Beauty.

This advanced training not only allows us to provide superior service, it guarantees you the best lash extensions in town.


Lash extensions are single lashes applied individually to your own lash.  They are available in various lengths and thicknesses to enhance your own lash line, creating a dramatic look, or an extremely natural one.  Lash extensions can be faux mink or siberian mink, with the later offering the most natural, weightless look.  Beba Beauty also specializes in mixing two in its signature “Mixed” Lash Extensions.

Whichever you choose, the results are longer, thicker, more beautiful lashes!


Your first appointment will last approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours.  Your esthetician/lash technician will evaluate your natural lashes and consult with you as to the look you wish to achieve.  The length and thickness of the lashes to be applied depends on the length and strength of you own natural lashes.  Even if you have very fine, thin lashes, we can still achieve beautiful results.  We will always recommend a lash extension application that will maintain the health of your natural lashes.

During your appointments you will relax with eyes closed while your esthetician applies the lashes.  Some clients are so relaxed that they fall asleep!  There is no pain or discomfort!  Once your treatment is complete, you will relax for another 5-10 minutes to let the bonding agent dry.  Remember, it takes 24 hours for the bond to fully cure.

Touch-ups (sometimes referred to as “fills”) are done every 2-3 weeks.  As your natural lashes grow and shed, a new lash grows in and will receive a new extension.  Regular touch-ups maintain your beautiful lashes.  If you wait longer than 3 weeks, we will need to do a more extensive treatment, usually a ½ set.


Home care is simple, just gently comb your lashes with a clean, dry spoolie brush in the morning.

Please note that if you sleep face down or rub your eyes repeatedly, you may notice an uneven wear on your lashes.

Please let us know if you currently have lashes from another salon.  We will evaluate your lashes and determine the best course of treatment.

If necessary, lashes can be professionally removed.  NEVER try to remove lash extensions yourself, as this can permanently damage your natural lashes.


Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time to complete our intake form.

Please make sure your lashes are completely free of makeup and skin care products.

If you wear contacts, please bring your glasses to your appointment.  You should plan on no contacts during the 24 hour period after lash application.

After application, the lashes should not be exposed to moisture for 24hrs.  This means no showering or shampooing!!  Please also avoid steamy workout rooms, saunas and excessive heat.  The first 24 hours after application can greatly improve the life and wear of your new lashes.

Oils and glycols can break down the adhesive, so please take care when using skincare products.  We recommend and carry eye makeup removers and cleansers that are appropriate for your use after receiving lash extensions.

We offer a lash sealant that will extend the life and beauty of your lash extensions when applied every 3rd day.

If you choose to wear mascara, it is to be applied to the tips of your lashes only (not the roots) and we recommend that you purchase mascara designed specifically for lash extensions.  Waterproof mascara and most commercial mascaras will damage your lash extensions, therefore we do not recommend them.


Your lashes are like any other hair on your body, in that they grow, rest and shed, and then repeat the process.  Each individual lash grows according to it’s own schedule.  That’s why you rarely notice the 1-5 lashes you shed from each eye every day.

Lash extensions do not damage your lashes in any way, but since they lengthen and thicken your natural lash, if you touch, rub or otherwise manipulate your lashes, it is possible to shed more lashes than normal.

Your lashes go through this growth/rest/shed phase every 2-3 months.  With touch ups every 2-3 weeks it’s possible to have gorgeous lashes every day!